Tyre fitting and wheel balancing

Motorcycle tyres at affordable prices on the Sunshine Coast

When it comes to having new tyres fitted on your motorcycle and electronic wheel balancing to keep your ride smooth, the fully-equipped workshop at Caloundra Motorycle Centre is the Sunshine Coast's one-stop motorcycle servicing shop. 

We stock an extensive range of motorcycle tyres to suit all types of riding touring, sports, motocross or adventure riding. Caloundra Motorycle Centre only stocks top-quality tyre brands including Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Michelin, Moto Oz and Pirelli, so you can be assured there will be a wide range of quality treads in stock to suit your bike and your riding style.

With the latest tyre-fitting equipment and knowledgeable technicians delivering professional service every time, motorbike tyre replacement doesn't take long so you can even wait while the work is done. Customers love our ride-in, ride-out service!

The importance of Motorcycle wheel balancing

The main advantages to professional motorcycle wheel balancing are:

  1. Improved rider safety: The number one benefit of professionally calibrated wheel balancing is improved safety. A stable motorcycle is essential by minimising the risk of wheel wobble or instability due to the wheels being out of balance. The negative effects of unbalanced wheels can be amplified at higher speeds, in challenging road conditions or in an emergency,

  2. Smoother ride: Balanced wheels ensure a smoother ride and greater rider comfort by reducing vibrations. This is particularly important on motorcycles, where even a slight imbalance can be felt more compared to in a car.

  3. Increased tyre wear: Professionally balanced wheels help distribute weight more evenly across the tire contact area, preventing uneven wear. We all know the difference a new pair of high-quality tyres make to your ride, and uneven wear decreases your tyre's lifespan and costs more money to replace tyres.

  4. Better handling: Correctly balanced wheels can improve motorcycle handling and stability, especially at higher speeds and in corners. Predictable and stable handling is essential to maintain control and manoeuvrability, which are critical aspects of motorcycle safety.

  5. Reduced stress on components: Imbalanced wheels put additional stress on other motorcycle components, including the suspension system and wheel bearings. Over time, this can lead to premature wear, costly repairs, or even the chance of an unexpected breakage.

Whether you have an adventure bike, a road or race bike, an MX bike or even a scooter, Caloundra Motorcycle Centre has you covered.

What our happy customers are saying;

I left my Husqvarna Nuda in to have a full safety check and a new exhaust fitted. Awesome service and a cool lounge to hang out in. Great experience all round.

Andrew Stewart via Facebook Reviews

Legends, brought life back to my 1098 after sitting for a year. These guys are very professional and know what they are talking about, honest and thorough. Their safety inspections uncovered a list of faults that could of ended very badly on the road.

Benji Cutts via Facebook Reviews

Had a full service and timing belt replacement done on my Ducati 1098. The guys went above and beyond expectations and even fixed other issues I was unaware of.

Richard Pearson via Facebook Reviews

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